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"...a perfect miniset of crystal pop from the Preservation’s2011 indie bow, Two Sisters. Cayce Matteoli and her husband’s vocal clasp recall She & Him, with Andy Bianculli playing the part of M. Ward. Organic 4AD gauze more so than strict Southwestern roots rock, the P pulled off what a glut of locals haven’t yet."  -- Raoul Hernandez (The Austin Chronicle)

" The Preservation has developed into a tightly wound wheel with clear focus, one that pulls mightily from Phil Spector's Wall of Sound" --Chase Hoffberger (The Austin Chronicle)

"I’m rather excited for this band. Each time I see them, they’re sounding better than ever.  They create what they like to call 'Cosmic American music.'  And there definitely is a cosmic vibe coming from it, with elements of psychedelic rock, country, the blues… It calls to mind that pairing of hippie and redneck styles from the late ‘60s/early ‘70s...What you hear on their full-length, Two Sisters, shows that 'cosmic' embrace, reflecting the diverse talents and backgrounds that each member of the quintet brings to the table."  -- Laurie Gallardo (Austin Music Minute,

"You know that feeling you get when things are good? Not great, and not fine, but actually good. You’re content with your life for no particular reason, and just want to watch the world go by from your front porch. Well, that’s the sound of Two Sisters. It’s got horns and major keys and light, repeated piano chords. The songs are about love and life with titles like “Happiness” and “Just Want to be Loved.” And it’s sweet, fun and bouncy. Whether it’s the cheeky wordplay of “Comisery” or the rhythmic build of “Backstreets,” Two Sisters is full of winning numbers." -- ovrld (Top 25 Austin Albums of 2011)

"...the local quintet's debut offers breezy indie folk with light Sixties psych-pop overtones and the homemade ingenuity of early Dr. Dog...***" -- Austin Powell (The Austin Chronicle)