10.10.13  :: Austin, TX


                     We are super stoked to be playing ACL this weekend.
                                            Hope to see you all out early. We go on at 11:20 am

6.13.13 :: Austin, TX

                    New FRIENDS EP available on itunes and Bandcamp

11.9.12 :: Austin, TX

Fun crowd last night at the Blackheart bar here in our home town of Austin.

10.4.12 :: Austin, TX

Good Danny's Studio East Austin, TX

We're currently finishing up new tracks that should be ready by Spring.  We're excited to work with our great friend and engineer Brad Bell as well as our unofficial sixth member, Andrew Collberg.  We'll keep you posted on release dates for our 7'' and new six song EP!!

4.27.11 :: Austin, TX

Seattle, WA. Photo by Cayce Matteoli

After 3 weeks (mostly freezing our butts off) on our West coast tour, we are finally resting up at home in Austin and soaking up some much needed vitamin D in the Texas heat. 

Cascades. Photo by Cayce Matteoli

As usual, we met some pretty awesome and truly unique people on the road, had soem great shows, and enjoyed (almost) every moment away from home.  However, I think it's pretty safe to say that we're all glad to be back in Austin.  We'll be heading out again in June & hope to see some familiar faces and make some new fans on the East coast.

2.28.11 :: Austin, TX

We're on day 14 in the studio (mixing), about 168 hours in...over the past three weeks we have consumed 4 bottles of Jameson (thanks Jim), eaten 20 cans of sardines (see Mario), laid 1000 tracks, become take out experts in Clarkesville, rolled 206 cigarettes, agreed on many things, disagreed on many things, fell in love with Brad Bell and created 13 songs which we are all very proud of. 

Happy website launch! See ya soon.